prairie360 : a new marketing company

We’re new because we're tired of the way folks have complicated the branding process.
A brand is a truly simple thing. It's nothing more than the sum of its audiences’ experiences. Have more positive experiences, it drops straight to the bottom line. Have too many negative encounters, you may never recover. Our job is to help you create positive, emotional customer experiences. Plain and simple. 

We’re new because the world is nuts.
In a world of constant competitive noise, a brevity of time, short attention spans, and endless numbers of screens all crying out for your attention, the old simply doesn’t work any more. Hire someone that knows the difference.

We’re new because of how we run our own business.
prairie360 is a group of well-tested thinkers, designers, programmers & artists who seamlessly move between the on and offline needs of our clients' customers. We are able to offer an unparalleled range of services and talent, as well as visual & message consistency, in a cost-sensitive, project-based model. No overhead. No bloat. Just great ideas executed beautifully.

One last way we’re new: we've done away with time sheets.
We're marketers and creatives, not attorneys. We want our clients to call us without going on the clock. We want to be able to bring a team of folks around a table to brainstorm without our clients getting out their calculators. We truly believe that if we remain steadfastly focused on their profitability, ours will take care of itself.

New is kind of refreshing, isn’t it?